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Waking up feeling tired and fatigued?
Feeling sleepy during the day?
Is it hard to fall asleep at night?

Sleep better - feel the health benefits of getting more quality rest

Are you struggling with:

  • Weight loss?
  • Immune function?
  • Diabetes control?
  • Pain?
  • Depression or anxiety?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, you might be one of the 4 in 10 Australians who are sleep deprived. Chronic sleep deprivation (less than 7 hours per night over 10 or more days), harms our bodies and our brains in many ways:

  • Weight loss is harder, and if you do lose weight, it’s more likely to be lean muscle rather than fat!
  • We’re less resistant to infection
  • We don’t heal and recover fully from our exercise efforts
  • We’re more sensitive to pain
  • Our bodies are in a constant state of distress, which increases our risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness, and even dementia!

I have been referring my patients to Health In Balance since first meeting with Edouard and Daniel. I refer patients with diabetes, osteoarthritis, obesity, patients at risk of falls as well as any other chronic medical condition that will benefit from improved strength, balance and fitness.

It is not uncommon for my patients to opt to continue with their program at Health in Balance after their Medicare funded sessions have run out; this in itself is a great testament to the care and professionalism of the team.

I have always received excellent feedback from patients about the personalised services that the team at Health in Balance provides. For many elderly patients it is a reintroduction to exercise that they were fearful of making on their own.

It is a pleasure to work in partnership.

Dr Sharon Monagle, Beaumaris

Our patients have regularly used the services at Health in Balance and have been unanimously happy with the attention they receive and the good results of their care. 

Dr Carl Jansz, Brighton

I had been suffering from radicular pain down my leg due to a bulging disc for a long time and this was interrupting my day to day life as well as my sleep.

After consulting Health in Balance over a three week period, pain had significantly reduced and my function is about 90% better than what it was previously. Three months into my exercise rehab i continue to improve in strength, function and am enjoying uninterrupted sleep. I am amazed at the improvement and am virtually pain free now.

Dianne - Caulfield

Working with my exercise physiologist over the past 10 months has been a challenging but a rewarding experience. He has helped me gain greater insight into my chronic fatigue syndrome while instilling me with strategies to manage it.

Heath in balance's environment has been one of support, encouragement and guidance which has aided in times where my chronic fatigue has exacerbated.

They have been consistently positive and continue to provide me with much strength and optimism. My exercise physiologist is patient and understands my need to maintain my training which is vital to my recovery process.

He has been truly committed to working with me and I look forward to continue to work with him while focusing on overcoming my current health/training restrictions.

Elisheva - Caulfield 

Fix your sleep, and get a good night of rest, now!

Sleep is the foundation of our human health: It’s the platform which Exercise and Nutrition are built on. 

Our Healthy Sleeping ™ program at Health in Balance will teach you exactly how to improve your sleep, and your quality of life. We will:

  • Work closely with your GP, and any other specialist (respiratory physician, sleep physician, endocrinologist), to ensure we’re all on the same page with your lifestyle plan
  • Analyse and explain any sleep study, or blood results results you have
  • Assess and analyse your lifestyle habits: sleep; stress; exercise and physical activity; nutrition; stress management techniques / coping strategies
  • Assess your physical abilities using a range of proven safe testing techniques
  • Set some realistic goals with you - talking about the impact they’ll have on your life
  • Teach you how to: get more sleep; improve the quality of your sleep; get more consistency with your sleep
  • Prescribe a targeted lifestyle plan, specific to you, that actually gets the results you want
  • Be a constant support for you, being there when you need us

Let’s get you started today to a new you! 

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Start Moving again with a safe program, tailored to you and your individual needs.

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