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Cardiovascular Disease

Have you ever had the frightening sensation of chest tightness, chest pain, or shortness of breath?
Perhaps you’ve had a heart attack, or a stroke, or your Doctor has said you’re a
ticking time bomb - a heart attack or stroke is just around corner?
Are you taking mountains of medications just to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control?
Are you losing your fitness and your ability to use the stairs, to go for a walk,
and play with the kids and grandkids?
Do you want a program that’s safe, doesn’t puff you out too much, that you can stick with?
You’re not alone.

Improve your fitness and heart health - Cardiovascular program for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight loss

Every day, nearly 300 Australians suffer a heart attack or a stroke, with most of these people being 45 years or older. Cardiovascular disease (conditions of the heart and blood vessels) is the underlying cause of 26% of all deaths every year. So it’s no wonder that drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol are the most common prescription medicines in Australia. Hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, physical inactivity, poor fitness, and obesity are some of the biggest risk factors for heart attack and stroke. The good news is that we can improve your heart health, and it’s surprisingly easy.

Our Exercise Physiologists at Health in Balance are trained specialists in cardiovascular health and fitness. We know exactly how to safely assess you, improve your fitness, breathing, muscle strength, and your quality of life, with a program that you’ll be able to do in the comfort of your own home or with us in the clinic. 

Since attending the Stronger for Longer sessions at Health in Balance, my fitness has immensely improved on all levels. Not only do I have the energy to accomplish more in 24 hours, but i feel stronger mentally than ever before. Thank you!

Susan - Elsternwick 

I am 84 years old and suffer from COPD (Emphysema). I have trouble breathing after any exertion, and had trouble in putting on my socks in the morning. I have been attending Health in Balance for about one year for 45minutes of exercise each week. Now I have no trouble with dressing, breath better and can walk greater distances without loss of breath.

The exercise physiologists are very helpful at all times , never push you beyond what you are capable of

If you need some exercise with professional instructors i would recommend Health in Balance to you.

Les - Cheltenham 

I have been going to Health in Balance for just over 3 years, I have never been one to do much exercise but since joining Health in Balance I feel physically and mentally better than ever.

I have finally found a place where I feel comfortable, and cared for.

I strongly recommend Health in Balance for anyone who wants to improve their well-being.

Susan, Caulfield North

I am a lung physician, and send a lot of patients to Health in Balance for exercise training to improve their breathing.

My patients continually report benefits from their time with Health in Balance. Thanks for your ongoing help with my patients.

Dr Barton Jennings, Bentleigh East

I have been referring my patients to Health In Balance since first meeting with Edouard and Daniel. I refer patients with diabetes, osteoarthritis, obesity, patients at risk of falls as well as any other chronic medical condition that will benefit from improved strength, balance and fitness.

It is not uncommon for my patients to opt to continue with their program at Health in Balance after their Medicare funded sessions have run out; this in itself is a great testament to the care and professionalism of the team.

I have always received excellent feedback from patients about the personalised services that the team at Health in Balance provides. For many elderly patients it is a reintroduction to exercise that they were fearful of making on their own.

It is a pleasure to work in partnership.

Dr Sharon Monagle, Beaumaris

Let us help with your heart health, fitness, and strength - reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke now! 

Our Hearts in Balance ™ program at Health in Balance Caulfield South has been designed to provide you with the exact skills and knowledge you need to help you with your fitness, exercise tolerance, and heart health. We will: 

  • Work closely with your GP, and any other specialist (cardiologist, respiratory physician endocrinologist), to ensure we’re all on the same page with your exercise and lifestyle plan
  • Analyse and explain any blood results results you have
  • Assess and analyse your lifestyle habits: sleep; stress; exercise and physical activity; nutrition; stress management techniques / coping strategies
  • Assess your physical abilities using a range of proven safe testing techniques, with blood pressure and heart monitoring as required
  • Set some realistic goals with you - talking about the impact they’ll have on your life
  • Prescribe a targeted lifestyle plan, specific to you, that actually gets the results you want
  • Be a constant support for you, being there when you need us

Let’s get you started today to a new you! 

Call us now on 9523 5110, or book your FREE 15 minute Health Mapping Session.  

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Start Moving again with a safe program, tailored to you and your individual needs.

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