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Aged Care Facilities

Health in Balance continues to build healthy working relationships with a number of Residential Aged Care Facilities and Retirement Villages, where Exercise Physiology services are provided both in group settings and individual one on one sessions at NO COST to the facility.

“Use it or lose it…” We’ve all heard the saying. If we don’t use our bodies to move and perform exercise, we lose our strength, fitness, and ability to complete everyday tasks that are required for living a healthy, independent and high quality of life.

The vicious chain of events, which can lead to a compromised state of health as we age, is as follows: There is a natural deterioration in muscle mass, which is termed ‘Sarcopenia’. This leads to reduced strength – causing a negative impact on our Activities of Daily Living (which may include: house work, gardening, shopping etc). Sarcopenia in our lower body reduces our balance and stability, which often leads to reduction in confidence in our physical abilities. Throw in, an increased risk of osteoporosis for those over 60 years old; this triples risk of falls and fractures, which could be fatal.

From the heart’s point of view, as our cardiovascular and respiratory fitness reduces, our risk of cardiovascular disease and heart failure increases, and we feel more easily fatigued as the day goes on. This can often lead to essential tasks remaining incomplete. Reduction in cardiovascular and respiratory fitness also has an immediate detrimental effect on mood and mental health.

Health in Balance are a team of Accredited Exercise Physiologists who offer individual exercise consultations, as well as small exercise groups targeted for those aged 50+. Our exercise sessions at all aged care facilities are aimed at increasing muscle mass and strength, balance and fitness for everyday living and improving the overall quality of life of older adults.

Before any exercise is undertaken, one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologist’s will complete a comprehensive initial health assessment with the resident in order to find out more about them, as every body is uniquely different and many elderly people have conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and aches and pains which require an individualised approach to exercise prescription.

The 45-60 minute assessment includes discussion of:

  • Your medical history (including history of medication, injuries and surgeries).
  • Your goals for beginning a structured exercise and lifestyle program.
  • A range of tests including: muscular strength, endurance, balance, aerobic fitness, lung capacity, flexibility, and/or orthopedic tests relevant to your physical capacity and goals.
  • The benefits of regular exercise, as relevant to you.
  • Motivation and behaviour modification tools to help you shift into a healthier lifestyle.

Please contact us to find out how we can provide quality Exercise Physiology Services to your Aged Care Facility at no cost.

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