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Balance / Falls Prevention

Is your fear of falling holding you back from doing what you love most?
Perhaps you’ve had a fall, or had a ‘near-miss’ from tripping, slipping, or stumbling?
Have you noticed your muscle strength is getting worse?
You’re not alone.

Balance and falls prevention, to reduce risk of falling

Someone in Australia has a fracture every 3 minutes, and having a fall is the leading contributor. Falls account for 75% of all hospitalisations for people 65 years and over.

Sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle mass, muscle strength and muscle power is a key risk factor for having a fall.

Our Exercise Physiologists at Health in Balance are trained specialists in exercise for balance, muscle strengthening, and falls prevention. We know exactly how to assess you, safely build your balance and balance confidence, and reduce your risk of falling. 

After my fall where I sustained a serious injury to my elbow requiring surgery and finding I had osteoporosis I consulted with Health in Balance to help my rehabilitation. I was impressed at their thorough approach taking into account my surgical and medical issues to plan an appropriate regime of sessions. It has always been varied interesting and has helped restore function and allow me to return to pre injury function as well as improving core stability and posture. I would recommend them to anyone with any medical or post surgical issues requiring a coordinated comprehensive approach that is not only beneficial but enjoyable. 

Dr Peter J - Caulfield 

I have been referring my patients to Health In Balance since first meeting with Edouard and Daniel. I refer patients with diabetes, osteoarthritis, obesity, patients at risk of falls as well as any other chronic medical condition that will benefit from improved strength, balance and fitness.

It is not uncommon for my patients to opt to continue with their program at Health in Balance after their Medicare funded sessions have run out; this in itself is a great testament to the care and professionalism of the team.

I have always received excellent feedback from patients about the personalised services that the team at Health in Balance provides. For many elderly patients it is a reintroduction to exercise that they were fearful of making on their own.

It is a pleasure to work in partnership.

Dr Sharon Monagle, Beaumaris

Our patients have regularly used the services at Health in Balance and have been unanimously happy with the attention they receive and the good results of their care. 

Dr Carl Jansz, Brighton

Improve your balance, strength, and reduce your fracture risk, now! 

Our Balance programs at Health in Balance will teach you exactly how to improve your balance, muscle strength and power. We will: 

  • Work closely with your GP, and any other specialist (ENT specialist, orthopedic surgeon), to ensure we’re all on the same page with your lifestyle plan and program
  • Assess and analyse your lifestyle habits: sleep; stress; exercise and physical activity; nutrition; stress management techniques / coping strategies
  • Assess your physical abilities using a range of proven safe testing techniques: muscle mass, proprioception, BPPV, strength, power, and falls and fracture risk
  • Set some realistic goals with you - talking about the impact they’ll have on your life
  • Prescribe a safe and progressive balance, muscle strengthening, and bone loading program, addressing any risk factors for falls and fracture
  • Be a constant support for you, being there when you need us

Let’s get you started today to a new you! 

Call us now on 9523 5110, or book your FREE 15 minute Health Mapping Session.  


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